Sadly Papi worked late on New Year so we could not do fireworks like we do every year. The girls decided to save most of the fireworks-that we actually saved from last 4th of July- and wait until Papi was home to enjoy them together.


Siena L-O-V-E-S to take baths-she usually takes on in the bathroom sink but today Mica had the best idea-"lets take a bath together!"

I remember Nya taking bath with Maddy-it feels like yesterday-they had the best of time taking bath together.

I am glad we have the bumble seat so she could enjoy it better with Mica but I am getting her a better tub seat so she is more secure. Mica had a blast playing with her baby sister.

Ricco also wanted to take a bath but he was too dirty to let him in-he would have to wait for his bath another day.


Because I could not resist myself-she looked too cute!


I can't believe the end of another year is here-this year pass by way too fast! 
Some cool thing we enjoyed from 2018:
~we went to a few shows
. Disney on Ice
. Ricky Martin Concert
. Magic Shows 
. Puppet Show
. Mystery-Cirque du Soleil
~visited new places: 
. Desert Spring
. Red Rocks
. Valley of Fire
. almost made it to Zions
. Warm Springs
. Sea Quest
. Creamestry & Creamberry Ice cream
~Mica learn to ride a bike
~We played at the pool A LOT!

~We went to Universal Studios in California
~Nya qualified to go to DriveChip & Putt in Arizona-she did her best year in golf yet! 

~We welcome SIENA MAE PALMER on
September 16th, 2018
She was 7 lb 9oz-20 in long-she was born at 6:34 am
~Maddison performed for the first time as Oliver in the school Winter Show-she did amazing!!

~We went to Utah a few times!
~Nya also joined the school Volleyball Team.
~Maddy joined the Choir group and also got a Distinguished Dragon for HONESTY!
~Mica started Gymnastics at Flip For Me.
~Grandma Cathy came to be with us for Christmas and it was so nice to have her over.
and lots more that I just cant remember now!

The last day of the year we stayed home-Papi was working all day and all night- because it is hard to go out with a newborn baby, specially when it is a little too cold right now.
We watched a show-ate so yummy food and waited and waited until midnight to say 
It was not the same with out Papi but it was fun to FaceTime him and see all the fireworks from his view.

The next day the girls were in the mood to clean so they redo the entire play area and Siena watched them. 
Papi was so tired from the day before he took a mini nap with Ricco.

We did not want the day to go to waste so we went to Dave & Busters for wings an unlimited games for everyone. It was super fun for the girls and we were there for over 3 hours.

 To end the day we played another round of Settlers of Catan-the girls most favorite game right now-and Maddison won for the first time-she was super excited!
Papi took this cute picture of Siena and Mami cuddling-she loves to squish herself to my face and I don't mind it at all.

This year we have a few goals we can share:

2. VISIT A LEAST 1 NEW NATIONAL PARK-that mostly Mami's goal.

Let's hope this year we make LOTS of new MEMORIES!


Hello Summer!
We sure missed you!
After moving from warm Puerto Rico to Las Vegas last December, we could not wait for this day to be here. We love the outdoor and to make memories while being warm. Finally our pool opened this month but it was not until today, I, went with the girls-we sure loved it!

Summer friends are the best friends to create forever memories.